Sunday, February 5, 2017

Lego Batman Movie Party Invitations

My three year old son absolutely looooves Lego Batman - we are going to see the new movie in theaters this upcoming weekend. We watch nothing but Lego Batman on YouTube and his favourite stuffed monkey has been renamed to Lego batman monkey. lol. That's a mouthful.

lego batman movie invitations

So I decided to create some Lego Batman Movie Party Invitations 

free lego batman movie invitations

And as usual have saved them two to a page for easy printing. Batman Mic Drop - dbl

printable lego batman movie invitations

I am loving Robin. He is so cute.

lego batman movie party printables

free lego batman movie party printables

And I think this one may just be my favourite:

lego batman 2017 party printables

lego batman 2017 printables

And let me know if you have any issues printing them. Also if you want any different sizes leave a comment and I can link to the individual invitations. 

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