Friday, August 26, 2016

free 2017 vectors

Here are some of my favourite 2017 calendar vectors you can download for free!

free 2017 calendar vectors

You can download this free floral 2017 vector from freepik

free 2017 vector

Love the colour combination on this free vector from Dream Time

free 2017 calendar download

Notepad inspired 2017 calendar found at FreePik

free 2017 vector

This free 2017 Calendar for FreePik is also available in a yellow and pink option.

free 2017 calendar image

You can download this modern yellow vector free from Vecteezy

free 2017 calendar download

This purple 2017 vector is also available from Vecteezy

2017 vector

2017 calendar vector

Free 2017 calendar planner from FreePik which includes small planner images.

free 2017 calendar planner

This coloured circle option is also available for free at

free 2017 calendar to download

Check out this free 2017 vector calendar from DreamsTime

free 2017 calendar one page

A simple and professional 2017 calendar vector

free 2017 year at a glance

Like the geometric and colour combo of this free 2017 calendar design

2017 calendar design

Or a similar blue geometric 2017 calendar vector can be found at Vecteezy

free 2017 desktop calendar

Here's a colour block option from FreePik

2017 desktop calendar

Feel free to leave a link if you find any free vectors you love! or if you find that any of these cost because they should all be free! and Enjoy...

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Number of 2017 calendars

More than 60 free 2017 calendars !

10 free monthly calendars

my vertical calendar

And 15 number of year at a glance calendars

Free Vector Calendars

And Free Blank Calendars

2017 Blog Planner - free printables

I just finished designing a calendar for 2017 and in the spirit of getting organized decided  to create a coordinating blog planner for 2017 as well - with cover page, link party, passwords and affiliate printables.

free printable blog planner

I saved all the printables to drop box, so hopefully you have no problem printing them.

2017 blog planner

or here is the blue option for the cover page

2017 free blog planner

free vertical calendar to plan out all your posts

2017 blog planner calendar

and if you would prefer a different option you can find more free printable 2017 calendars here

free 2017 monthly calendar printables

And here is a printable affiliate list so you can keep track of the companies, websites, used I.D. and passwords. And not lose everything when your computer crashes.

free affiliate printable

Link Party printable - so you can keep track of which blog posts you shared at which party.

free link party printable

Or if you prefer to record the link parties you have added your newest blog post to, I created a printable with the blog post first.

link party list printable

And if you are looking for more link parties to join you can find a link party directory - I created sorted by date and time.

list of link parties

An Income Tracker printable - so you can keep track of all your money.

free blog income printable

And here is a password printable to keep track of the 18 million different password you have... or there abouts.

free password printable

And a weekly blog planning printable - with weekly schedule, to do list and upcoming post ideas.

free weekly blog planner

And don't forget to pin this post as I will be adding even more free blog printables soon! And feel to leave a comment if you were looking for a specific printable and I'll do my best to create it.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Free 2017 Vertical Monthly Calendar

free printable 2017 vertical calendar

I decided to create a few free printable calendars for 2017. I like fairly simple and uncluttered - with lots of space for writing. And the vertical option is great for using in your binders.

2017 vertical calendar to print

free printable vertical 2017 calendar

I had difficulty embedding the whole pdf in the blog post but its From January to December 2017 - and I saved it in Google Drive which you should be able to access using this shareable link. Please comment if you have any issues at all.

And you can find more free printable 2017 calendars here.

2017 free monthly calendar printables

Monday, August 15, 2016

2017 Monthly Calendars

Every year I print out a monthly calendar so I can write all my appointments, birthdays and bills down. I am super forgetful so I am always referring to my calendar that I have on the front of my fridge. So here is a round-up of free 2017 monthly calendars, I have even designed one of my own this year.

2017 monthly calendar printable

Alli from Scattered Squirrel designed these half size monthly calendar printables.

2017 calendars to print

Or you can grab the full page monthly or two page monthly calendar (with extra room for notes) from Scattered Squirrel here.

2017 yearly calendar printable

And here is my attempt at designing a 2017 printable calendar

2017 printable calendar by month
You can find this inspirational calendar free at Botanical Paperworks

2017 inspirational calendar

Every year Ashley from the Handmade Home creates a gorgeous and free! planner and this year was no exception packed with free calendars, inspirational quote pages, goals, birthday and anniversary reminders pages, and so much more. Available in A5 and full page sheets.

blank monthly calendar 2017

And another free version from the Handmade Home:

2017 calendar year

This 2017 free printable calendar is from Sarah Titus

2017 free prinatable calendar

You can get this free 2017 black and white calendar from Botanical Paperworks

This colourful option is designed by Shining Mom

free printable 2017 monthly calendar

Grab these free calendar pages from Cornerstone Confessions

2017 yearly calendar printable

You can print this modern vertical calendar from Simple as That with a handy "to do list" at the bottom of the pages.

2017 calendars to print

You can edit and print this 2017 monthly printable calendar template from

2017 editable calendar

And if your looking for 2017 Year at a Glance calendars (great for the office!) you can see them here.

2017 calendar printable one page

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